Life of modern man is characterized by high adaptability. Sophisticated devices designed to provide comfort and convenience can be found anywhere. Especially a lot of them there, where we spend the most time. According to statistics, more than five years of his life, a person is in the toilet, so it is not surprising that many people care about, how to choose a toilet. Given the wide range of sanitary ware stores it is really not so simple.

Select the material and shape of the device The first thing you usually pay attention, treating the exposed plumbing in the store, it is the material from which it is made. That is no accident, this index determines not only the appearance of the products you liked, but also its durability, reliability and hygiene. The most common variants of toilets can be considered the following options. Option # 1 - Porcelain bowls most sought-after due to the low cost of the equipment. They are made of fired pottery in a special method with an additional coating, which increases the strength and reduces the porosity of the surface of the product. A large number of pores in the material allows it to absorb pollution and odors, so you have to put a special effort to clean the surface.

Option # 2 - porcelain toilets Sturdy and durable plumbing. With careful handling can serve decades. It has an attractive appearance. The main disadvantage of porcelain considered it a high enough price.

Option # 3 - steel bowls are especially good for those who, thinking what to choose the toilet, make unconventional decisions. The equipment is easy to clean, has a high resistance to mechanical damage, strong and durable. Manufacturers of elite plumbing are often used to create steel structures most unusual forms. Their cost is quite high.

Option # 4 - bowls made of artificial stone are produced from cast stone, which includes chips of natural stone mixed with components providing a special strength of the material. A special coating gives the product a high mechanical resistance and hygiene. Cost, compared with the constructions of a natural material, also significantly lower.

Option # 5 - bowls made of natural stone is quite expensive option is suitable for those who love luxury. Making a choice in favor of the toilet natural stone, receive very attractive and quite durable equipment. Almost perfectly polished surface is easy to clean. However, low resistance to mechanical damage and heavy weight make luxury product is not entirely practical.

Option # 6 - toilet seats made of plastic are produced from acrylic, coated glass and a special mixture of resins that provides strength equipment. Especially smooth surface does not retain dirt on themselves, so it is very easy to clean. Low weight allows without too much trouble to carry out the installation. The main disadvantage of products include low resistance to temperature effects and mechanical damage. Having defined the material, you can see the equipment of different shapes. After all, in the end, it depends on the toilet bowl ease of use, hygiene and functionality.

We consider design features of all toilets are equipped with cistern, which collects water for subsequent flushing. According to the method of attachment are distinguished: Separate model. Is a separate toilet and a tank mounted fixed above it. The main disadvantages: the complexity of the installation, the noise at the time and inconvenience of service highly secured equipment. Joint device in which the cistern is secured to the toilet bowl. Such models are less noisy in operation, they are easier to maintain and easier to install. There are varieties with a hidden drain system. 

They are embedded in the tank wall, the outside can only control lever. Before purchasing equipment, is to determine with the method of installation of the device. There are different types of toilets: Floor. Traditional systems installed in most apartments. They do not require special tools for installation, easy to install, very easy to operate and maintain. Can be used with any type of toilet tank. A major shortcoming considered rather impressive dimensions of the device. Pristennye or wall, ladders. Structures designed for installation close to the wall. They have an attractive uncluttered shape, small size and hidden mount for toilet tank. When installing the equipment used decorative panel that allows you to hide a tank and communication. Suspended. Installed with the help of special equipment, so-called installation, behind which hides the drainage tank.

The features visually expand the space and make it easier to care for the dressing room. Compact products can significantly save space in the room. It is necessary to properly evaluate his dressing-room and understand that not every type of equipment it can be installed without any additional work. For example, focusing on the hanging toilet for apartments still Soviet-built, you need to be alert to the need to acquire a special installation for falshsten. As builders often separated communication from the toilet room by a partition made of particleboard. Types of toilets by the method of fixing the toilet tank. Separate stands out - such a system requires a substantial increase in water velocity when flushing With special attention should be taken to the choice of system drain or the toilet issue. It must be chosen depending on the type of sewage, laid in the building. On the basis of the design flow, distinguish these types of toilets: With vertical outlet. Designed for rooms with floor dating back to the sewer pipe, which saves valuable space. You should know that very few typical buildings with the construction of the pipe in our country.

 Also note that the device is adapted with vertical outlet to other types of sewage is virtually impossible. With horizontal outlet. Enough common system, moreover, if necessary, a toilet can be adapted to the type of vertical sewage. With an oblique release.

 The design that was used in all the houses of the Soviet construction. It is considered the most common today. It is difficult to say what the best toilets. Everyone who came to the store for new equipment must determine it yourself. After all, only he knows all the features of a toilet room, for which the product is intended. Given the wide range of equipment, it is easy to make the right choice by choosing the most practical for the house and a beautiful option.

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